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Sagad Sa Init (1998)

Hibla (2002)

Category Sex-Drama
Label Viva

Tagalog Movie

Isabel (Rica Peralejo) and Clara (Maui Taylor) are childhood friends from a small town who were separated when Clara's family moved to the city due to her mother's ambition. Isabel has since learned to live without her best friend and continued living her simple life with her boyfriend Lando (Antonio Acquitania) who loves her but is frustrated by her conservatism and idealism. Clara's life, however, takes a 180 degree turn as she falls prey to some worthless men, which leads her to develop a self-destructive behavior. Because of this Clara's father Roman (Ricky Davao) decides to bring her back to the town to start a new life. Upon return, Isabel and Clara try to renew their friendship but their differences soon clash, as each one tries to influence the other in their own ways. As each of them seek their own idea of fulfillment, their motivations and actions will lead them to a tragic and inevitable end.

* Rica Peralejo
* Maui Taylor

Balahibong Pusa (2001)

Category Sex-Drama
Label Viva

Tagalog Movie

Sarah (Joyce) is not happy about the idea of her mother Vivian (Elizabeth) getting married to Michael (Julio Diaz). But when she confronts her and Vivian describes how happy she is, Sarah eventually gives her consent. Sarah is hesitant about Michael though. She feels that Michael desires her but is helpless because he has earned Vivian's trust that Vivian even goes out of her way to make the two comfortable with each other. All these Sarah confides to her 'special friend' Nick (Jay M analo) with whom she has a relationship which her mother disapproves of. Ironic but Nick also happens to be a mechanic at Michael's shop and is at the same time seeing Becky (Rica). What Michael witnesses one fateful night turns out to be a revelation which eventually decides their fate...

* Elizabeth Oropesa
* Rica Peralejo
* Joyce Jimenez

Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero (1999)

Category Sex-Drama
Label Viva

Tagalog Movie

What drives a married woman to seek another man? What kind of hunger is there that compels her to crave? What sort of fire incites her to embrace sin? A daring adaptation of DH Lawrence's controversial novel, Lady Chatterly's Lover. This movie tells of a young beautiful wife (Patricia) whose wealthy but paraplegic husband (Edu) cannot provide her the physical intimacy she desires. And to satisfy her hunger for the flesh, she takes on a lover (Gardo.)

* Sunshine Cruz
* Edu Manzano
* Patricia Javier
* Gardo Versoza

Xerex Special Edition (2004)

Director:(1) ERIK MATTI
Rated: R
Release Date: 01/28/2004
Languages: FILIPINO
Fresh out of Journalism school, Audrey has been struggling to find work as a writer. So when the Editor-in-Chief of Abante Tonight offered her the position of "Sex Columnist" for the popular daily sex column "XEREX, XAVIERA" she didn't think twice to accept the job. However, just to make sure that she is right for the job, her boss assigned her to write about her first sexual experience, leaving Aubrey with a huge problem. She is a virgin. So begins Aubrey's odyssey into sensual fantasies, allowing her curiosity to get the better of her, by submitting her body and soul into an erotic sexual awakening.

Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes [2002]

Category Sex-Drama
Label Viva

Tagalog Movie

Babes has established a good reputation as an entertainer in Japan that clients fought over her. But soon, the fighting becomes intense she decides to come home but with a different identity. Babes decided to continue her career as an entertainer and as expected, customers never seem to get enough of her. Later, she encounters Tol, a pervert who uses her to payoff his debts. Despite this, Babes is crazy over him and agrees to the set-up until one fateful night...

* Joyce Jimenez
* Albert Martinez

Sex Drive (2003)

Category Sex-Drama
Label Viva

Tagalog Movie

Maui and Katya dare you to take the road trip of your life. Maui Taylor is Sheila, a sweet and innocent teenage model who manages to remain a virgin because of her fear of sexual penetration. Katya Santos is Mel, a fashion photographer with an unbridle appetite for sex. When these two meet, Sheila tells Mel about her recent break up, Mel then decides that they should follow the guy up north to Sagada in her yellow Wrangle jeep. Along the way, they fall into all sorts of misadventures involving a handsome stranger and a mysterious killer. Fasten your seatbelt...Sex Drive is one wild ride you shouldn't miss.

* Maui Taylor
* Katya Santos

Divino, Anak Ni Totoy Mola (Serialized In Bulgar) (1998)

Category Sex-Drama
Label Others

Tagalog Movie

Bata pa lamang si Divino (Toffie Calma) hangad na ng kanyang lola ang maging isang kilos babae si Divino. Katwiran-- nang hindi matulad sa ama (Gino Antonio) na malikot sa babae. Ang ba*** na iyon ang pinoproblema ng ama sa anak. Kaya palihim na gumagawa ng paraan ang ama niya para maging isang ganap na lalake ang anak. Maging ganap na lalaki kaya si Divino at matulad ng kanyang ama o magtagumpay ang nais ng kanyang lola.

* Toffie Calma
* Sabrina M
* Gino Ilustre
* Deborah Carpio
* Ina Alegre
* Alma Soriano

Nympha (2003)

Category Sex-Drama
Label Regal

Tagalog Movie

A re-imagination of the Celso Ad Castillo classic "Nympha" tells the story of an orphan woman named Nympha living in a backward province with a narrow minded aunt who is a religious fanatic. The story begins with the police interrogation of five male suspects nabbed in connection with Nympha's mysterious death. Her story is told from the viewpoints of the suspects who have - at one point - known Nympha. Five suspects share the common experience of intimacy with the ill-fated woman whom the whole rustic town has revered as a model of innocence and purity. The mystery of the alleged crime is unraveled, as the suspects piece together the puzzle of Nympha's true character, leading to the shocking discovery of the real cause of her death.

* Maricar de Mesa
* Gloria Diaz
* Tirso Cruz III

Dyesebel [1973]


Darna at Ding [1980]

Halik ng Sirena [2001]

Sine Totoo : Sex Slave

Akin ang Puri

Alyas Stella Magtanggol

Alyas Bomba Queen [2002]

Anakan Mo Ako

Ang Babaeng Nawawala Sa Sarili [1989]

Ang Kapitbahay [2003]


Asia Agcaoili's Lessons & Bedtime Stories

Banatan [1998]

Bayaran [2002]

Bench Fever Uncut [2006]

Biyaheng Langit [200]

Black Mama, White Mama [Lotis Key]

Bugbog Sarado [2003]

Burlesk Queen [1977]

Burlesk Queen Ngayon [1999]

Campus Scandal [1998]

Company of Women [1985]

Cover Girls [1981]

Curacha : Ang Babaing Walang Pahinga

Ekis [1999]

G.I Baby [1987]

Gamitan [2002]


Heartache City [1985]

Hibla [2002]

Huling Sayaw

Itlog [2000]

Japayuki : Maricris Sioson Story

Kainan Sa Highway [2004]

Kalaro [1999]


Kasiping [2002]

Keka [2003]


Kulang sa Init, Kulang sa Lamig


Liberated 1 [2003]

Liberted 2 [2004]

Ligaya Ang Itawag Mo Sa Akin

Lihim Ni Madonna

Live Show [2000]

Lupe [2003]

Machete 2 [1994]

Madame X [2000]


Manila by Night [1980]


Nights of Serafina

Nympha [2003]

Room Service [2004]


Nang Mamulat Si Eba 2

Sa Iyo Ang Taas, Sa Akin Ang Baba Ng Bahay

Sagad Sa Init [1998]

Sariwa [1996]

Selosa [1997]

Sexy Footages From Pinoy Movies Vol 1 [2007]

Sexy Footages From Pinoy Movies Vol 2 [2007]

Snake Sisters [1984]

Tag Ulan Ngayon...Ang Bukid ay Basa 2

Talong [1999]

The Boatman

Tukso [2005]

Tukso Layuan Mo Ako [1991]

U-Belt [2004]

Unang Tikim [2006]

Unfaithful Wife 2 [1999]

Virgin People 3

VIVA Hotbabes Gone Wild [2007]

VIVA Hotbabes 1st Time [2003]

VIVA Hotbabes In The Flesh [2004]


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